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Get More Access to Inaccessible Neighborhoods with Divvy

Divvy Bike

Divvy is up and rolling! Chicago now has its very own bike sharing service and it’s set to revolutionize the way we get about the city.

Designed for the urbanite with places to go, Divvy is based around the concept that most places we need to be in Chicago are within a short bike trip. As a frequent bicycle commuter, I can attest to that. Even when stopping at red light (which we all should do) cyclists are usually able to avoid the major traffic jams that gum up our Chicago streets.

Pricing is based on either an annual membership—for the frequent commuter—or a 24 hour pass, for the occasional or out-of-town user.

Divvy boasts “100’s of stations around the city” in close proximity to shopping and other public transit hubs. Looking at the station map on their website, the majority of Divvy stations are located, not surprisingly, in the central part of the city: from the South Loop to Uptown, from the lakefront west to Wicker Park.

This is a great start but things really get exciting when you look at the planned sites that extend to some of the more up and coming neighborhoods like Logan Square, Avondale, Rogers Park, and the entire southeast side extending down to Hyde Park.

This is a major boost to a community’s infrastructure. It will provide an easily accessible, reasonably priced commuting option to get to work, school, restaurants & shopping—places that are a little too far to walk but somewhat inconvenient to drive or take public transportation.

This could become a huge asset to homes that may suffer from being just outside the hot commercial spots. Chicago uses the Walk Score that rates how walkable a specific property is to different amenities. This score is even included in listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The new bike share program could substantially increase the city’s score —essentially expanding on the most desirable locations and adding real value to properties that were otherwise deemed too far away from shopping or transportation lines.

So the next time you need to run to the grocery store or to meet friends for brunch, instead of taking a cab or driving, you now have the option of picking up a Divvy bike. Not only is it inexpensive but it’s a great way to see the city and get some exercise.