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Divvy is Asking for Your Help

Divvy bike station

Chicago’s Divvy bike share system is looking for your suggestions. After a hugely successful roll out in 2013, Divvy is planning to grow in 2014–expanding their stations both north and west.

Now they are looking to the people of Chicago to help guide them in the placement of new stations. Want a Divvy bike in your area? This is your opportunity to tell them!

Simply go to their website and click on the “suggest a station” button. If someone has already suggested your preferred spot, that’s OK. By clicking on the green cloud-shaped icon, you can see who suggested it, click “support” to add your vote to list of those who want that station, and even leave a comment.

If this type of crowd sourcing sounds familiar, it’s because Divvy used a very similar system to establish its initial stations.

I’ve been Divvying (yes, I used that as a verb – and you will too once you start using the program with regularity) since the late summer and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s convenient and easy to manage. And it’s no secret that biking around the city is oftentimes faster than driving, depending on traffic. What’s more is that Divvy comes without the hassle of bike locks and finding a place to lock up, so it’s that much easier to commute on two wheels instead of four.

As a Realtor I’m seeing Divvy stations emerge as a bit of a status symbol. I have clients who proudly tell me they just got a new station close to their condo. I’ve heard buyers add proximity to Divvy as being a selling point for a particular home over another.

To touch on my point from an earlier blog, the beauty of Divvy is that it fills in the gap between trips that can easily be done on foot and those that obviously need to be driven. For instance, a home that was 7 blocks away from the nearest EL stop may be considered “too far away” for most to walk on a daily basis. However, now with Divvy, that trip can be made in just a few minutes.

This company is doing wonderful things. And I am very excited to see what the new year brings.