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City of Chicago Property Tax Relief Program

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In hopes of helping some Chicagoans with the recently issued 2008 second installment property tax bill increase, Mayor Daley has included a Property Tax Relief Program in the 2010 Budget Plan. The program provides a $25 – $200 grant to qualifying homeowners, based on income and amount of tax increase in their area.

The amount of the grant is dependent on a.) How much your property taxes went up and b.) What your income is. Chicago homeowners with a property tax increase of $50 or more and an income of $200,000 or less may be eligible for some relief. Basically, the more your taxes went up and the less you make, the more grant money you get.

Eligible grant recipients are required to fill out an official application (found on the City of Chicago web site) and provide copies of their 2008 second installment property tax bill and photo I.D. Find an online version of the application here. The application pdf can be printed out, filled in and either mailed of dropped off to the sites indicated.

Click here to see more information from the City of Chicago web site and find out if you qualify.


  1. kenneth ·

    how long does it take to get your money.

  2. Ryan ·

    This is a great program. We are taking advantage of it at Community Tax Relief. Good luck to all!