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Chicago Realtor - Whitney Blakemore

Whitney Blakemore | real estate broker

Whitney Blakemore: Chicago Real Estate Expert

Cell: 773.544.4029

What sets Whitney apart from other brokers is her extensive first-hand experiences with real estate ownership in Chicago. Not only is she a homeowner, but Whitney also has experience in purchasing and converting a property for her business and owning and managing a 3-flat. Whitney understands that, while some goals may seem out of reach to others, many obstacles can be surmounted through proper research, forethought, creativity, resourcefulness, and knowledge. These are all skills that Whitney has mastered through the numerous difficult challenges she has conquered over the past two decades.

Moreover she approaches her work with a sunny and friendly attitude and a resilient temperament, so she can help you weather any storms!

Whitney's goal as your agent is to help you meet your goals with heightened regard for all of your interests. She has numerous colleagues available to help in all aspects of real estate including financing, accounting, appraisal, inspection, remodeling and construction, zoning, architecture and design, and property tax. Let Whitney take care of you!

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