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Selling On Your Own? Here's What You Need To Know

This may seem like a tempting alternative to hiring a broker, but it’s to your benefit to work with a real estate professional. We are here to support you.

Consider These FSBO Truths Before Jumping In

Selling a home is a complex process, one that your trusted real estate professional is prepared for. While selling your home yourself might seem like an enticing opportunity, For Sale By Owner can lead to some tricky situations. Before going the DIY route, there are a few things you should consider.

  1. FSBO homes sell for less & spend more time on the market - Pricing a home is far more challenging than most realize. Sellers are often too personally invested, pricing homes at what they hope it should sell for, or based on emotion. Buyers want a bargain, and know when a home is overpriced. Bloated pricing can cause the property to sit on the market for an extended time, often before drastic price cuts. It can leave buyers wondering what’s wrong with your home.
  2. No one is looking out for you - Lacking the representation of a licensed broker can put the seller (or buyer, for that matter) into some hot water. There are a variety of contracts, disclosures, occupancy agreements, and more involved in selling and buying a home, and it can be very easy for an inexperienced seller to make a mistake. Liability is on the seller, and any mistake, no matter how small, could be a costly one. A licensed broker understands these legal pitfalls, and will always be there to help.
  3. You won’t get the same exposure - A real estate pro knows the ins and outs of your market, and can effectively get your property in front of the right buyers. Sales strategy is key to selling a home, and a licensed broker will understand how to market your home in the most compelling way. Brokers also understand the power of the multiple listing service (MLS), which puts your property in front of thousands of potential buyers and their brokers. With FSBO, your home won’t go on the MLS, and is limited only to sites that cater to those listings.

Is Your Home Not Selling Fast Enough?

The longer your property spends on the market the less likely you are to receive the offer you deserve. With Dream Town’s industry-leading website and search engine, we’re able to put your listing up in front of over a million registered users. The comprehensive data we gather allows us to fine-tune searches, matching motivated buyers with their ideal properties.

The results speak for themselves: Dream Town brokers sell an average of 19 days faster than sellers who go it alone. In fact, nearly 20% of FSBO sellers end up having to take their property off the market and re-list, which hurts their offers even further!

Sell My Home Faster
19Days Faster

Are You Getting The Best Sale Price?

Selling your home is a complex endeavor—taxing both financially and emotionally.

While you could go the For Sale By Owner route, it’s to your benefit to take this challenge on with a professional realtor to guide and advocate for you each step of the way. Dream Town’s brokers provide both the resources and expertise you need to achieve your real estate goals.

Sell My Home For More
*Typical Sale Price Shown
With An Agent $230,000
On Your Own $184,000

Are Your Forced To Rely On Your Own Resources?

Experience the advantages of Dream Town’s systems, strategies, and network.

Premarketing to Cooperating Agents
Premarketing to Cooperating Agents

Before your listing even hits the market, our brokers are using their networks to start finding buyers immediately.

Front Page Presence
Front Page Presence

When your property gets added to the MLS, it’s featured on our front page and visible to thousands of daily users.

Wide Distribution
Wide Distribution

Our unmatched strategic partnerships allow us to put your property up automatically on dozens of top real estate sites.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Dream Town’s understanding of web marketing allows our listings to consistently appear in the top results of major search engines.

Powerful Database Matching
Powerful Database Matching

With over a half million active prospects on our website, we provide a tool that can match buyers with the homes that best meet their criteria and set them up with a viewing of your home.

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