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As you settle in, here are some steps you can take to feel more ownership over the home you’ve just purchased!

Remodel Your Kitchen without Busting Your Budget

Your kitchen was a state-of-the-art masterpiece when your house was built. That was decades ago, however, and today the room where you prepare and eat your meals looks more like part of the set of a 1970s sitcom and less like a place you'd be proud to show off to friends and other visitors.

How to Know if You Should DIY or CAP

Before you list your house, there usually are a hundred and one things to fix. Chipping paint, a broken lock, cracked pavement, cruddy grout. Oh, don't get me started.

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Chicago Home "Facilities"

Contrary to popular belief, updating a bathroom doesn't have to involve ripping out the plumbing or reconfiguring layouts. Actually, a simpler transformation requires only...

Dirt-Cheap DIY Home Improvements

Whether you're planning to sell your Chicago home, or are simply seeing your space as a little outdated, structural and design improvements are an...

Guard Your Home Against Moisture

As snow begins to melt, it can quickly reveal areas in your home that allow moisture to seep in or form. Unchecked, these dampened...

Moving? Make These Improvements First

Perhaps you'd like to wait for warmer weather or once the kids are out of school before you put your home on the market....

$5 Fixes to Keep Your Chicago Home in Great Shape!

We are still in an economic crunch and many of us continue to be on the lookout for less expensive ways of doing things....

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