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COVID-19 Real Estate Update

With restaurants closing and more people working from home, everyday life is changing and so is real estate. Amid the COVID-19 situation, our goal is to...

Is COVID-19 impacting the Chicagoland housing market?

The growing concern about the spread of COVID-19 has affected business throughout the world. However in local real estate, both buyers and sellers are...

Where the Richest Chicagoans Live

The Chicago Tribune recently released a list of the richest people in Illinois and it got us wondering: Where do these extremely fortunate folks live? Let's take a look at where the obscenely rich reside in Chicago.

Where the Chicago Blackhawks Sleep At Night

Our coverage of where your favorite Chicago sports teams sleep at night continue with this latest edition focusing on Chicago's Stanley Cup champions Chicago Blackhawks.

Green City Chicago

Chicago has always been a "Green City" in the traditional sense--there are grass-covered parklands and flourishing gardens galore. However, recent years have put a...

Is Predicting the Future of the Real Estate Market Futile?

We've all read the newspapers and heard the reports on television that shower the national housing market with doom and gloom. Market analysts make...

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