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7 Things Only Chicagoans Will Understand (and Tourists Should Too)

Sure, the world is more global than ever before. But, there are still things that are hyper local and Chicago is chockfull of realities that only those who reside in the Windy City will know about.

Where the Richest Chicagoans Live

The Chicago Tribune recently released a list of the richest people in Illinois and it got us wondering: Where do these extremely fortunate folks live? Let's take a look at where the obscenely rich reside in Chicago.

5 Tips for Finding a Healthy Neighborhood

This just in: 50s-era subdivisions can make you fat and depressed. The right urban neighborhood is actually good for your health. Here's how to find one that works.

The Best Neighborhoods for Car Owners in Chicago

Owning a car in Chicago is not the easiest thing to do, but some Chicagoans do it anyways. When looking for a home, it's best to know what neighborhoods might be the easiest place to navigate your metal friend through town.

Andersonville – Small Town Neighborhood in the Big City

Andersonville is small, quaint neighborhood just west of the northern end of North Lake Shore Drive, where it turns into W. Hollywood Avenue.

Five ways to pick the perfect neighborhood

If you are addicted to watching old “Friends” reruns (not that I am, or anything) you might expect that all your new neighbors will...

Wrigley Field’s Effect on Lakeview Real Estate

Are you a baseball fan? Do you live in Chicago? If you answered yes to both questions (and even if you didn't), then you...

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