Giving Back to the Evanston Community

Dream Town brokers are deeply dedicated to their communities, and are finding creative ways to give back during the current shelter at home order. In an effort to fight the coronavirus crisis head on, Dream Town broker, Mary Summerville, has started a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness and donations for the Evanston Community Foundation Rapid Relief Fund. She’s launched a variety of digital campaigns, and has even donated her billboard on Green Bay Road, in hopes of inspiring people to donate to this worthwhile cause.

“Evanston has always supported Summerville Partners, and when we saw how coronavirus has impacted our friends and families across the community, we knew he had to find a way to help,” Mary says. Kicking off her biggest fundraising endeavor yet, Mary’s COVID-19 Challenge invites homeowners to participate in this effort. Between May 1 and June 30, 2020, Mary will donate $100 to the Rapid Relief Fund for every homeowner that reaches out to receive their free home valuation report.