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Selling & Leasing Commerical Real Estate

Put our established network of qualified commercial buyers to work for you.

Ready To Sell Or Lease Your Property?

When you’re ready to sell or lease your commercial property, it’s important to ensure you’re receiving the highest return on your investment. As a commercial real estate seller, you have several options when it comes to listing your property. Partnering with a skilled real estate broker will help you navigate the complexities of the market with ease. Our Dream Town brokers are experts in selling commercial real estate, drawing on an established network of qualified commercial buyers to sell or lease your commercial property. Whether you’re looking to sell or lease, or are interesting in a 1031 Exchange to better manage your real estate investments, we can help.

Maximize Your Investment With The Best

Selling commercial real estate requires expertise, and a keen knowledge of the market. Listing your property with a Dream Town broker connects you to some of the industry’s best real estate professionals. Our brokers will help put together a comprehensive marketing plan for your property, guaranteeing your commercial property gets in front of the right potential buyers. Highly skilled in the commercial market, our brokers draw on extensive connections in the industry to market your property, shortening the time your listing is on the market and commanding top dollar. Your Dream Town broker will handle everything—from negotiations to handling every complexity along the way—freeing up your time.

Your Dream Town broker will:

  • Develop a strategy utilizing the latest date to competitively price your property and meet your sales goals.
  • Feature your property on the Dream Town website, which garners thousands of views every day, and ensure your commercial property is listed on the MLS.
  • Roll out a marketing plan tailored to your exacting needs. We don’t just invest in digital marketing. Your Dream Town broker network includes calling potential buyers and informing local brokerages of your listing, to garner additional exposure your listing needs to sell.
  • Negotiate a deal that always works in your best interest, and advocate for your goals.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Tips

When it’s time to sell your commercial property, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Curb appeal matters. Much like selling a residential property, curb appeal is important. Making your commercial property as appealing as possible for the best first impression. While repairs and updates may seem costly, they will increase your return on investment.
  • Understanding the investor viewpoint is key. Knowing what potential investors are looking for makes selling and leasing your commercial property easier, allowing you to showcase your listing in its best light.
  • Partnering with a real estate professional will set your listing apart. Your Dream Town broker is a commercial real estate expert—consider us your real estate advocates. Your broker will always ensure your goals are met, streamline the transaction process, and guarantee your commercial property get in front of qualified buyers.
Selling or Leasing Commercial Real Estate

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