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Dream Town Realty


Dream Town's Innovative Tech

We’ve built the best tech by asking our brokers what they need. Now it's getting even better—the relaunch of our completely integrated, cutting-edge CRM means we have a system that simply does it all. Here's why it's so amazing:

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I’m Thinking About Leaving Corporate – Tell Me More About the Family.

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    Exactly What You Need

    As the original innovators of real estate technology, we're continually creating systems to make your life easier. Our NEW powerful all-in-one CRM is smarter than anything you’ve seen before—it’s a one-stop shop to manage your leads, clients, listings, sales pipeline, marketing, and transactions.

    An Intelligent Approach

    Our CRM provides the tools you need to manage your daily business

    • Keep track of leads with call and email reminders integrated into your Outlook or Google calendar
    • Monitor your marketing activity
    • Track your workflow for upcoming and current deals
    • Send gifts for referrals, listing presentations, and closings with a touch of a button

    Comprehensive Financials

    • Work your pipeline to manage prospective, active, pending, and recently closed deals
    • Analyze your marketing efforts and sale history to source your business

    All-in-One Listing Systems

    • Input listing information once, distribute everywhere (including pre-market)
    • Let our expert listing staff handle updates and changes for you

    Accessible On the Go

    • Our CRM is mobile-friendly—access everything you need from your phone or tablet
    • No more waiting until you're at a computer to follow up

    Systematized Marketing

    • Integrated ordering of photography, video, Matterport, signage, and more
    • Hundreds of products ready for one-click ordering make it easy to market authentically to your sphere

    Automated Client Retention Program

    • Unique and creative quarterly gifts sent to your past clients on your behalf
    • Take the guesswork out of keeping in touch and generate more referrals

    How have you gone this long without Dream Town? Let’s Talk: 312.698.8546.

    I’m Thinking About Leaving Corporate – Tell Me More About the Family.

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