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Chicago Home Warranty & Home Protection

Home warranties provide homeowners some much-needed peace of mind.

What Is A Home Warranty?

Home warranties provide homeowners added peace of mind. Designed to cover what home insurance won’t, home warranties are annual policies that cover the repair or service of common household systems and appliances. They act as an added layer of protection from unexpected problems, and can be purchased at any point.

Many companies don’t differentiate between new and old homes, so a home warranty is a great option for a buyer purchasing an older home. Many buyers opt to purchase a home warranty prior to closing on their new property.

The specifics of your home warranty will be detailed in the actual document. Make sure you understand the coverage and limitations on your warranty. Your Home Warranty should outline all of the facts listed above in detail. Just ask if you have question about anything the warranty does or does not cover. Talk to any one of our Chicago real estate agents about what kind of home warranty is right for you.

Buying a home warranty.

What Should You Know About A Home Warranty?

  • They cover common household appliances - Kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems are generally covered by home warranties.
  • They are not very expensive - A few hundred dollars will cover you for the entire year. Some sellers will include a warranty when you buy the home. Home warranties can be especially important when buying an older Chicago home.
  • Many have a deductible - Having a home warranty doesn’t mean that service calls are free. Homeowners typically have to cover the cost of the service call or deductibles. It’s important to know what your out of pocket fees will be, so you should know these amounts before hand.
  • There are different amounts of coverage - Some plans only cover specific systems in the home, while others are all inclusive. It's up to you to decide how much coverage you want your home to have.
  • They involve using certain service providers - Many warranties require you to use specific service providers. See what your warranty stipulates.
  • Requests can be processed at anytime - Something can go wrong at anytime, not just when you're home some Saturday afternoon. If something breaks, you just have to call your provider to be connected with a qualified contractor.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Home Warranty?

Home warranties benefit both buyers and sellers. The ideal time to lock in your warranty is when closing, when providers typically offer the most comprehensive coverage and price points. Don’t worry if you didn’t purchase your home warranty at closing - you can purchase one at any time. Home warranties provide buyers additional reassurance that they’ll be able to move in without surprise repairs. Sellers can also use warranties to cover elements during the listing period - some companies even offer free seller’s coverage in hopes that a buyer will continue the service.

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