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Chapter 1: The First Steps

Before you enter the home buying market, it is vital that you have a professional and experienced buyer's realtor as your sounding board and advocate.

Selecting A Realtor.

This tip might sound self-serving coming from a REALTOR®, but it's really true: finding the right REALTOR® is one of the most important home buying decisions.

A home sellers' agents represent the seller's interests; they are contractually obligated to get the best price for the seller. To serve your interests, it is essential to retain the services of a realtor with expertise in home buying.

Why Choose Dream Town?

First and foremost, you'll receive expert advice and realty services - because we treat all our clients as long-term clients. Dream Town offers you exceptional client services, focusing on the Chicago and suburban markets. We are leaders in the field, powered and supported by cutting-edge technologies.

Your Dream Town buyer’s REALTOR® will:

  • Provide you with FREE home-finding, negotiating, and closing services. The Seller pays all commissions, so your Dream Town Realtor's professional services cost you nothing. He'll represent and protect your interests exclusively, as your trusted advocate. Your Dream Town REALTOR® will find the right home for you; determine its value; negotiate price; and manage inspections, financing, contingencies and legal procedures.
  • Actively listen to hear and fully understand your needs, goals, and lifestyle, so that together, you'll find the best home for you and your family.
  • Apply practical, expert knowledge of the Chicago market and the most up-to-date technology to screen properties that fit your needs, financial resources, long-term investment goals, and lifestyle.
  • Focus entirely on your complete and total satisfaction, backed up by our exclusive Dream Town Service Excellence Guarantee and the National Association of Realtors' Code of Ethics.
Dream Town offers you exceptional client services, focusing on the Chicago and suburban markets.

Additionally, our website empowers you with an industry-leading Search Engine / Property Watch system that’s among the best of its kind in the industry. This means that you will never be "sold" on a home you’re uncertain about or rushed into any decision. Your Dream Town realtor is there to act as your trusted advisor as you move through the process at your own pace. You’ll gain a comprehensive and realistic understanding of your personal needs . super-charging your home search with your Dream Town realtor's laser-like focus and unmatched knowledge of specific Chicago neighborhoods, housing trends, and available properties.

Never wait to have your questions answered. Dream Town's "Always Available" customer service policy ensures that your questions are answered immediately, and that you have direct access to your realtor by cell phone and email. Your showings will always be thoroughly planned and confirmed.

Most importantly, you'll leverage and unleash the strength of the entire Dream Town team. Your Dream Town realtor and their associates—longstanding brokers, developers, and builders of Chicago real estate—always work together on your behalf, ensuring that you will be totally prepared for all aspects of selecting, financing, negotiating, buying, and closing on your home. You won't see this teamwork approach anywhere else in residential real estate.

Code of Service Excellence

As your trusted advocate, your Dream Town REALTOR® will:

  • Conduct an introductory meeting and needs/wants analysis - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will meet with you and your family to explain the home buying process, identify your needs and goals (such as budgeting, location, property styles, amenities, etc.), and outline a plan to search for properties.
  • Answer any of your questions – And provide you with a copy of the Dream Town Code of Service Excellence.
  • Always be available - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will pledge to quickly and accurately respond to any requests or questions. Your REALTOR® will focus on your needs, and will always be available when you need them.
  • Represent your best interests - Your Dream Town REALTOR®, as your trusted advocate, will represent you exclusively. They are 100% committed to finding, negotiating, and closing a transaction that is solely in your best interests.
  • Assist you in prequalifying for a loan - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will arrange a prequalification and/or preapproval meeting with a mortgage lender to determine your realistic price range and to improve your negotiating position. Your Dream Town REALTOR® is never compensated for making a referral to a mortgage company or any other financial institution.
  • Conduct a comprehensive property search - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will comb the market to identify and explore all properties matching your needs and price range.
  • Schedule and lead property tours - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will schedule and confirm tours of selected properties, and make themselves reasonably available on your schedule to visit them. Your REALTOR® will offer to drive you from a designated meeting place to scheduled tours.
  • Analyze comparable properties to determine value - Before you buy, your Dream Town REALTOR® will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for you. This will help you both gauge what your first offer should be and choose your negotiation strategy.
  • Review the Property Disclosure Statement - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will obtain and offer to review with you the seller's written property disclosure statement, if applicable. Your REALTOR® will explain the ramifications of materials disclosed, and how they affect your negotiating position.
  • Guarantee absolute transaction confidentiality - Your Dream Town REALTOR® pledges to you that all meetings, discussions, and property information will be kept confidential.
  • Prepare a written purchase offer - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will prepare a written purchase offer on your chosen property. They will also explain to you all options, terms, and contingencies associated with completing your real estate transaction.
  • Provide "Master's Level" negotiation services - Your Dream Town REALTOR®, as your trusted advocate, will deliver a negotiating plan designed to get you the best price and terms on your new home. They’ll then negotiate directly with the seller's representative to get you the deal you want.
  • Recommend a professional home inspection - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will recommend that a professional home inspection be conducted, and will also recommend a reputable home inspection company. Your REALTOR® is never compensated for making a referral to a home inspection company. You will then review the inspection report with your REALTOR®, and discuss remedies and contingencies with him.
  • Monitor successful completion of contingencies - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will keep tabs on the status and satisfactory completion of all contractual contingencies, and update you regularly. Your realtor will also intervene to remedy any unsatisfactory work toward contingency completion.
  • Attend a property walk-through - Your Dream Town REALTOR® will come with you on a property walk-through and inspection before the closing to ensure that the property is satisfactory, and all the contingencies have been completed.
  • Attend the property closing - Your REALTOR® will be there to handle all the final details and make sure you feel confident in the final transaction.

Ready To Get Started?

Let our powerful website connect you to our network of Chicago homes, tailored to your specific needs. Dream Town brokers take great pride in their high client service standards, and are always there to help you navigate Chicago’s diverse market. You’ll benefit from the guidance of your dedicated Dream Town real estate expert throughout the entire process.

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