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Chapter 9: Moving In!

There’s a lot to think about when moving to a new home (like remembering to defrost the freezer). Keeping everything straight can be tricky, that’s why we came up with this basic moving outline—to help you stay on track and make sure all the necessary steps are taken care of well in advance.

Moving Into Your New Home

This simple move-in checklist is all you need to ensure a smooth and successful move. Print This Checklist.

8 - 10 Weeks Before

  • Do Some Research. Learn more about your new community to find the right childcare, education, doctors, and more. Register your children at their new school.
  • Collect Records. Have school, medical, and veterinary records transferred. Gather your legal and financial documents so you can keep track of important information during your move.
  • Get Quotes. Select the moving company that best suits your needs.
  • Schedule Dates. Set the date for moving out of your current home and into your new home.
  • Get Appraisals. Prior to moving, make sure valuable items such as electronics, art, and antiques are appraised.

4 - 6 Weeks Before

  • Compile An Inventory. Develop a plan for moving valuables and difficult to replace items. Sell or donate the items you don’t want to move—some charities will pick up and move what you donate!
  • Know what you can and can’t move. Use up items such as frozen foods and cleaning supplies. Defrost your freezer, using charcoal to dispel odors. Talk to your moving company about what they can’t ship—they can provide a list to help you know what isn’t safe to transport.
  • Make Travel Arrangements. Decide how your pets and plants will travel, so you’ll be prepared on moving day. You will also want to look into any quarantine, vaccination requirements, or pet entry regulations for interstate travel.
  • Schedule Cleaning Service. Have a professional make sure your new home is perfect before you move in. You might want to also schedule a service to take care of the home you’re moving from as well—it will alleviate stress post-move.
  • Start Packing. Order your boxes and moving supplies. Begin packing items you don’t use often, clearly labelling each box with its contents and destination. Now is also the best time to review any packing and loading tips.
  • Notify Utility Services - Call your service providers to cancel, transfer, or set up new service for:
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Sewer
    • Trash Collection
    • Cable and Internet

2 - 4 Weeks Before

  • Update Your Address - Complete a change of address form, which can be found at your local United States Post Office or online at
  • Notify Accounts - Recurring services and accounts should be aware that your address is changing. You should contact your:
    • Insurance company
    • Vehicle finance Company
    • Bank or Credit Union
    • Credit Card Companies
    • Health Club
    • Home care service providers (lawn, snow removal, etc)
    • Laundry service
    • Magazines and newspapers
    • Monthly subscriptions
    • Pharmacy and doctor’s offices
    • Any other service that would need an updated billing address
  • Notify government offices - Contact these offices before your move:
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
    • Social Security Administration
    • City/County Tax Assessor
    • State and Federal Tax Bureau (IRS)
    • Veterans Administration
    • Voter Registration
  • Arrange For Parking - Make sure you know where your moving company will be able to park. You may be able to obtain parking permits to make the transition smoother.

1 - 2 Weeks Before

  • Review Moving Plans - Contact your moving company to confirm service. Be sure to save a copy of your contract, bill of lading, or any other documents they provide.
  • Prepare For Payment - Contact your bank or credit card company if you’re planning to pay for the move with your account - you don’t want the transaction to get declined as suspicious activity.
  • Cancel Unnecessary Services - Cancel any routine services you won’t be needing anymore.
  • Pack The Essentials - Fill a box with the things you’ll need immediately when you arrive at your new home. Pro tip: load this box last so it’s the first thing you unload upon arrival. Some items to put in your essentials box are:
    • Paper products
    • Utensils
    • Lightbulbs
    • Small tool kit
    • Trash bags
    • Scissors
  • Pack Fragile Items - Any items that will travel with you, rather than the movers, should be packed now.
  • Arrange For New Services - If you’ll be needing new services, such as pool or cleaning, now is the perfect time to set those up.

Moving Day

  • Make A Clear Path - Make sure nothing is blocking walkways. Place any floor or door protectors you may have throughout your home to avoid scratching surfaces.
  • Do A Walkthrough - Check every room and closet one last time - you don’t want to leave anything behind!

Things To Consider If Your Move Job Related

Keep detailed records of all your moving expenses if your move is job-related. Many of your expenses, including house-hunting trips, may be tax-deductible. If your new job is at least 50 miles further from your old home than your old job was from your old home, you may be able to deduct your family’s travel expenses, including meals and lodging; and the cost of transporting furniture, household goods, and personal belongings. You can deduct food and hotel bills for up to 30 days in your new city if you have to wait to move into your new home. Also, the costs associated with selling your old home or leasing your new home may be tax-deductible.

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