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Chicago Townhomes

A common type of property within the Chicago area, the dependable townhouse has offered homeowners a comfortable and elegant option within the more populous regions of the city.

What Is A Townhouse vs House?

Typical Chicago townhouses are two- or three-flat structures, characterized by large living spaces and multiple floors. The individual units within the building may share common walls or be stacked atop one another. They may share several similarities with condominium buildings—some townhouses in Chicago use a homeowner’s association or other joint maintenance agreement, while others are a straight “fee simple” ownership. Depending on region, you may also be able to find Chicago townhouses for rent, providing you with the option to decide whether or not you enjoy living in a townhouse. Chicago offers a wide variety of home designs to choose from, and the townhouse might be exactly right for you!

What Are The Benefits Of Townhomes?

Townhomes are the perfect answer for people looking for a sense of community with a touch of convenience, bringing the best of condo and single-family living together. Some of the perks to a townhome in Chicago include:

  • Limited responsibility and cost of upkeep for the property and yard. Small backyards require less landscaping, and front areas are typically maintained by homeowner’s association fees, translating to less yard work for the owner.
  • Connected units don’t mean you sacrifice privacy, as townhomes have individualized entries. And since no one lives above or below the unit, townhome owners benefit from reduced noise.
  • Unlike a condo, owning a townhome benefits include owning the land the unit is built on as well as any outdoor space.
  • Townhome communities provide many features that are desirable to residents, but not affordable on their individual budgets. Pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, and more are maintained by homeowner’s association fees. High-end communities boast additional amenities such as golf courses, concierge services, and doorkeepers, which may be out of the financial scope of an owner’s individual budget.

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