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Theresa Y. | Customer Review

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I should have written this letter months ago but I was so busy with my new home and my work. I feel really sorry about the delay of this letter of appreciation. Let me tell you, when we first met you...your helpfulness and professionalism impressed us. You are the best and nicest sales person we have ever met. When we met again later, that good impression was getting stronger and stronger. At that time, we were new to the States and you helped us a lot by explaining to us the procedures of buying a home here and you were so patient and responsive to answer every question we have. Due to your excellent sales technique and customer service skills, we finally decided to buy. Furthermore, I also have to thank you for all the effort you made in processing my sister's case, despite the complicated mortgage procedures we had to go through. They have moved into their new home, already! Roni, once again we thank you for your help during the process and we would like you to know that we are enjoying our new condos! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!Theresa Y., Mundelein

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