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Jackie W. | Customer Review

Customer Review -
Occasionally, if one is very fortunate, there can be someone very special that comes along at just the right moment in time who touches one's life in an important way that makes a significant difference. For me, such a person is Roni Miles. In the midst of shopping for a new residence, was the beginning of my fortunate, and remarkably satisfactory, experience of working with Roni Miles. Through our meetings together over the next days that followed, Roni, extended every effort on a business level, and personally, to find a way that would work, that was mutually satisfactory for the seller and for my co-owner and me to purchase the home of our choice. It is only through her well grounded business acuity, appropriately balanced by her warm person caring manner and connection, that I am now the delighted co-owner of my new home. Roni's ability to think creatively "out of the box", and to navigate successfully through uncharted territory, has resulted in a happy conclusion for all. I have expressed my gratitude and appreciation to Roni in person. Through this letter, I wish to convey how fortunate I think you are to have someone with Roni's unique and special gifts, working with you. Jackie W., Skokie

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