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Ted Kronmiller | Customer Review

Customer Review -
Dave proved to be a diligent and knowledgeable real estate professional throughout my house search. He has an exceptional ability to navigate the entire process from screening properties to negotiating advantageous terms for his clients. He was thorough in the process of screening the properties on the market, coordinating visits to a variety of properties with numerous conflicting schedules and was ultimately an effective negotiator on my behalf. I appreciated his ability to provide valuable perspective based on his first-hand experience. Dave combines a strong command of the dynamics at play throughout the various Chicago neighborhoods along with good insight across the range of residential property types. Notably, his knowledge in the residential real-estate arena spans from the macro level trends across different neighborhoods in Chicago to property-specific factors such as the lot and grounds, mechanicals and structure. Dave maintains a strong focus on his client's interests throughout the process.Ted Kronmiller, Roscoe Village

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