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Leonardo and Caterina C. | Customer Review

Customer Review -
We would like to share with you our experiences, as homebuyers. Roni Miles was very professional, helpful, courteous and friendly. She was very knowledgeable about the units and helped us make a good decision for what our needs were. This was the best experience that we have ever had with purchasing a home. We had very little concerns. If we had a question or concern, it was dealt with promptly and professionally. In our society today, it is not very often that one can say they have had an exceptional sales experience with purchasing a home, due to all of the concerns that go along with home buying. However, we can say that we were definitely pleased from the beginning of our purchasing experience, to when we closed on our new home. The experience was very stress-free and pleasurable....Roni is so friendly and a joy to work with. We were provided all of the information that we needed to make a sound decision. Roni, you definitely deserve a big thank you and recognition from us for making a difference in our home-buying experience.Leonardo and Caterina, Arlington Heights

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