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Customer Review - Neeti Arndt
I recommend Lynn Reidl and Neeti Arndt highly! I have nothing but great things to say about them. I have depended on Lynn and Neeti for my many housing needs since the fall of 2008. We've been through so much together -- a condo sale, a condo purchase, and even rental apartments. I trust them to always put my needs first which is unusual in any sales market. They truly care about their clients' happiness. Lynn and Neeti helped me sell my condo under some very difficult circumstances. First, at the time I decided to sell, the housing market had taken a huge downturn. Second, my condo unit did not come with a parking spot and most people want a condo with parking. Third, and worst of all, my condo association had just announced that there would be a large special assessment. The exact amount of the assessment was undetermined and, in fact, the condo board discussed the assessment for almost a year before they agreed to a specific amount. So, my condo sale required very thoughtful marketing and knowledgeable realtors. Lynn and Neeti met the challenge. In spite of all the obstacles, they remained positive and, once we found the right buyer, they worked out a deal that was good for both the buyer and for me. My condo was sold for more than I originally paid for it. Best of all, although I'm a nervous mover, I stayed relaxed and happy throughout each of my moves, purely because Lynn and Neeti radiate so much positive energy and calmness. They love what they do and care deeply about matching up each person to their dream home. It's what makes them happy. They are a great team.

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