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Dave Plotkin is not your average agent. He's the agent everybody needs, but few find. What sets Dave apart from the crowd?He's critical. There's a lot of poor real estate in Chicago. Dave has years of experience in the Chicago market and quickly spots the good, the bad and the ugly.He'll make time. Finding the right property takes patience. Dave's not a pushy realtor who wants to make a sale ASAP and move on to the next one. Our search took many months, but Dave never lost interest.He keeps it simple. Dave does details, but not trivial ones. He keeps his eye on the ball and helps you do the same. He tells you what you need to know and ignores the rest.Contacts. With Dave's referrals, I had a solid real estate team behind me.Negotiation skills. Dave will go into bat for you during negotiations, getting you a great deal.Continued support. Dave doesn't walk away once the deal's done. He'll offer advice as you need it.Buying or selling, the next time I enter the real estate market in Chicago, the first person I'll call is Dave.

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