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Marianne, Sara and Jack Herff | Customer Review

Customer Review -
Sara, Jack and I want to sincerely thank you for assisting us in finding a Condo for Sara to live in while going to Columbia It is in the perfect location for her and she is busy decorating and getting everything ready before the fall semester begins. I think I told you after the closing that the best thing I liked about working with you was that you did not bug me. When I initiated a search to see what was available in Chicago for Sara to live downtown, you understood when I told you I was not in any hurry and it would several months before we would really start looking. I really appreciated this and that's why I did not hesitate to contact you after the holidays to start our search. You were very interested in what we were looking for and supported our decisions completely. Even when we changed our minds about a purchase, or lowered our price range, you focused on our new criteria. You never made us feel that we had wasted your time. I'm sure we took more than the normal time to purchase a condo but you never became impatient with us or tried to pressure us in any way. Since we had to juggle three people's schedules, you made an extra-ordinary effort to be flexible and get the next step accomplished. You made yourself available at any time and were very responsive to our questions and/or concerns. Your timeliness and thoroughness is commendable!We also really appreciated the abundance of suggestions and advice. The recommendations of the home inspector, lawyer and mortgage loan officer proved to make the purchase, negotiations and closing a good experience. They spoke very highly of you and told us how fortunate we were to have you as our realtor. Nykea, you are not only a great realtor, but a wonderful person to know. We feel very lucky to have met you and worked with you. The gift at the closing was a wonderful surprise and icing on the cake! If the situation ever arises, we will be sure to recommend you and Dream Town to anyone looking for real estate. Marianne, Sara and Jack Herff, South Loop

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