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Patti and Don Donsbach | Customer Review

Customer Review -
I can't thank you enough for all the assistance you provided in our condo search. It was a little daunting thinking of finding the right place in a new large marketplace like Chicago. You were one of the best realtors I've ever worked with. Your patience and thoughtfulness made working with you a pleasure. I felt like you really cared about our needs and that was refreshing. I'm sure that we woke you up with our early and late phone calls, and I thank you for always being ready to find the answer if you didn't know it yourself. As we get ready to search for more property in Chicago, you will definitely be the person I call . . . after all you are now in my cell phone directory as "Chicago Realtor Josh". Don and I are excited about visiting all the terrific restaurants in Chicagoland. We appreciated the gift certificate that you gave us to help start our culinary tour while we are in our new place. Patti and Don Donsbach, Lakeview

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