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Customer Review - Larisa Pevtsova
Larisa was a keen listener, never pushy, a skillful questioner, who helped us understand what we really wanted and did not want. She also has a delightful dry sense of humor. My wife and I often called her on the phone and she was always prompt in responding. If she did not know the answer, she said so and told us that she would find out and get back to us. She always did. The above description covers all stages of the process which led us to buy the condo:a. the initial casual search, when we had a two-year time frame to making a decision b. our shift to thinking about buying one within a few months c. the turbulence when we were making decisions every hour after there was suddenly some interest in a condo that we decided we wanted to buy d. the craziness with the seller's attorney and our attorney, and the seller's agent. In short, we have the greatest respect for her skills and integrity as an agent and would strongly recommend her to friends, family, and anyone seeking to purchase a property in the city. We actually did purchase the condo and are delighted that we did so. It is not an overstatement to say that with almost any other agent, there is a great probability that the contract would not have come to fruition. Grace and Ed DeYoung, River North

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