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Gelasia Croom | Customer Review

Customer Review -
Kimberly Adams is truly a diamond in the rough. In an industry perceived to be filled with sharks and predators, Kimberly is a soothing, peaceful entity. But don't get me wrong, this professional and highly knowledgeable realtor knows her city, knows her facts and she simply exudes honesty and discipline. As a new homebuyer, she anticipated many of my questions and needs and never quibbled over the small things. This is the type of realtor anyone would want to work with. Well connected, responsible and totally there for her clients every step of the way. Even though she clearly has numerous clients, she still makes you feel like you're number one - and that is how you will come away feeling about her. Dream Town is lucky to have acquired such a down-to-Earth, accommodating and friendly talent on their team. She has gone above and beyond before, during and after the closing, making sure I am comfortable and little tweaks are tended to. What a great person and professional - highly recommended!Gelasia Croom, Washington Heights

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