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John and Cheryl Collier | Customer Review

Customer Review -
I came across Chad Vanags purely by coincidence when I was doing research about lofts in Chicago from my then current home in Abilene, Texas. Chadā¬"s picture and contact information just happened to be attached to the loft I had as number one on my list. This was nothing short of a miracle for me and my husband, John, because Chad turned out to be amazing at his job, full of useful information about the new city we were moving to, and ultimately became a friend. How many people looking for a new home get all of that? I spoke to Chad on the phone and by email numerous times before our initial house hunting trip to Chicago. I had new questions and concerns nearly every day and Chad was so kind and timely with his answers. I never had to wait more than a few hours before he responded with my answers and usually provided additional related information. Chad also seemed to have a real grasp of what my husband and I were looking for from our phone conversations. Armed with a notebook full of MLS listings that I had carefully highlighted and painstakingly considered I met Chad for the first time when he picked me up outside my hotel. My first reaction was to think how young he was and in the back of my mind worry a little bit about his lack of experience. How silly that was! Chad and I whizzed around the city racing from one property to another. This may sound like a bad thing, but I assure you it was not. My husband and I knew EXACTLY what we did and didnā¬"t like and it was very easy for me to determine quickly if we liked it. At this pace we were able to cram in 10-12 properties each day maximizing my time and my trip to Chicago. So much so, that my husband and I decided to make an offer on a loft in the West Loop. This is when Chad really went from being our Realtor to our advocate! Little did we know that the sellers and the sellerā¬"s agent where going to be completely difficult and unyielding in the negotiation process. Chad went to bat for us over and over again. And it was a real battle from beginning to end. The seller and his agent made each and every step as miserable as I believe anyone could, but Chad was there each time puffing out his chest on our behalf. At the walk through there were numerous issues with the property which had been agreed to but had not been addressed. John and I trusted Chad so much by that time that we asked him to do the final walk through the morning of the closing because of the ridiculous hour that it was scheduled for with the full confidence that if he thought it was okay that it would be. And it was! Throughout our entire experience Chad worked to ease our anxiety and make our move easy and fun. Not once did Chad ever act as if he was frustrated, irritated or even angry. He was a thorough joy to work with and is a true asset to your company.

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