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Debbie & James | Customer Review

Customer Review -
I am writing to you regarding my experience with Misha Immormino, our Realtor for the simultaneous sale of our condo and purchase of our home this fall/winter. My husband and I had an excellent relationship with Mrs. Immormino and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a real estate transaction. She was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful in every step of the process. She came prepared to our interviews for a Realtor and spent an hour with us showing us examples of how she would market our home and how she would assist us in our search for a new place. We interviewed five agents from various firms, including those who worked at boutique agencies to the big name real estate companies. We also spoke to agents who had many years of experience. Mrs. Immormino was upfront with the fact she has only been in this job less than a year. While that initially was a concern for us, she answered every question we asked of her with intelligence and passion. What also impressed us was her willingness to do research and ask questions if she did not know the answer immediately. Unlike two of the more-experienced agents we interviewed who tried to steer us from the housing regions we sought, Mrs. Immormino did no such thing and helped us find several locations in our price range. We looked at several homes before we found the one we wanted and she offered several examples of how to proceed in the bidding process. The purchase of our home went smoothly up until the final walk-through, when the previous home owners left the home in a disheveled state. The agent of the homeowners tried to ignore our calls, but Mrs. Immormino was assertive up to and through the closing. She held the previous owners agent to a monetary concession before we would sign the papers. Mrs. Immormino even answered questions from us after the closing, when she had no obligation to do so. Regarding the sale of our condo, she was aggressive in marketing the place and was helpful in helping us get the condo in order and coming up with a price. We had a strong interest in our unit, nearly daily showings until a final offer. The only misstep she might have had was not doing an open house soon after the listing, but considering that we had an offer (which eventually fell through) by the first showing, it was understandable. The sale of our unit went fast - within two weeks - despite the fact it was listed in late October, traditionally a slow time for home sales. We were fortunate to get into a bidding war for our condo and Mrs. Immormino was able to guide us through our options, offering suggestions of how to handle this windfall. On the Dreamtown website, Mrs. Immormino's biography discusses her passion for service and this is no understatement. Even before we signed on with Dreamtown, she answered emails promptly and at anytime of the day. Whenever there were developments in the home sale/search, Mrs. Immormino called/emailed/faxed as soon as she could. Additionally, she quickly returned phone calls. I never had to wait long for a returned message. Other agents we contacted were less assertive in their initial business dealings, and Mrs. Immormino's emphasis on service was a big factor in our decision to sign with Dreamtown. Overall, we had an exceptionally talented agent in Mrs. Immormino and Dreamtown is fortunate to have such a dedicated worker. I am sure she will continue to impress future clients and be an excellent representative for Dreamtown. Debbie & James, Logan Square

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