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Joe Byrne | Customer Review

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Dear Dream Town,Misha Immormino served as my agent for the purchase of a condo in Chicago. I wanted to write a quick note to let you know my thoughts about the experience. In short, Misha (and as a result, Dream Town) was great. Though completely professional throughout, after the first week of looking at properties, it was like going to look at them with a friend. Misha never pressured me to look at properties that I didn't show interest in. She never pressured me to make an offer. But she made sure to tell me what she liked and didn't like about places, often helping me think of things that maybe I wouldn't have. As I mentioned earlier, after the first week or so, we were on the same page and we could both tell whether or not I liked the place (or if she did). Misha was great to work with and reflects very well upon Dream Town. I will recommend her to any friend of mine that is in the market for a real estate agent in the future. And, as she was nice enough to come to a holiday/house warming party I threw recently, let me also let you know that she makes great jalapeno poppers. I'm probably not telling you folks at Dream Town anything you don't already know. Misha is great. Give her a big bonus. Sincerely,Joe Byrne, West Bucktown

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