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Carolyn Brescia | Customer Review

Customer Review -
I am a recent first time home buyer and Misha Immormino was my real estate agent. I could not have asked for a better agent to help and assist me with all the cliches of what it means to be a first time buyer. Misha guided me through the financial, psychological and emotional components that come with buying your first home. She helped match me with a condo and neighborhood that matched my personality. She took the time to get to know me and what I wanted with my relocation from the suburbs to the city. I enjoyed pounding the pavement with Misha. She included my family in the house hunting and we all got to know each other on a personal level. I have shared laughs, disappointments, and many experiences with Misha in a short amount of time, and I consider Misha my friend at the end of all of this. Just when I thought I couldn't bear to see another overpriced condo with kelly green shag carpet, Misha taught me that it would be all worth while; and she was right! I will forever be grateful to her and all the hard work she put into making sure I found my dream house. Sincerely, Carolyn Brescia, Printer's Row Misha,Just want to tell you from a Mom's perspective, you were great during our search for a condo. Seeing your daughter leave the "nest" is not an easy thing no matter what age. As you might have noticed we are a very close family. Just want to say "thanks" for making Ken and I feel like we were just as important as Carolyn. I know I was a handful. City life kind of scares me, but you sure put me at ease. The building she chose is perfect and her place is darling. It looks soooo different. No more orange walls!!!! Let me tell you, that I will recommend you to any "Mom" out there shadowing her daughter. I am sure Carolyn has great words for you too!! But as usual, just thought I would butt in!!!! Take care, keep in touch. You were great, especially for me!!! You just made me feel comfortable with her decision to move to the city. Thanks again. Love you much!!! Lory

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