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Michael Bocwinski | Customer Review

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Hello Tammi, First I wanted to thank you for the help in finding a place in Chicago. When I initially knew that I may get that job promotion and have a chance to transfer to Chicago, I started to look at places in the city. I knew I wanted to live in the city but which part? What areas would l like? I knew that selecting a realtor would be a big decision but I knew I needed the help. I went online and started to check out some properties, I saw Dreamtown Realty everywhere and particularly say Tammi associated with the property that interested me. I emailed her and she emailed me right back which I thought was different. She worked late into the night which was good for me since I worked all day and could not look during work. After numerous showings and open houses, I am happy to say that I just closed and it was a pleasure to work with Tammi and Dreamtown Realty. I have and would refer her to my friends and/or family. Thanks again! Michael Bocwinski, Bucktown

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