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John V. | Customer Review

Customer Review - Tal Haimovitch
My wife and I want to thank our realtor Tal Haimovitch so much for all of his help during our apartment hunting experience. We first met Tal when we found a listing. When we arrived and he showed us around the place, it was clear that it wasn't quite what we were looking for. Doing what most real estate agents do, Tal asked us our preferences and told us that he'd be happy to look up current listing that did actually match our preferences. We had probably met 8-10 agents who had told us stuff like that before, but Tal was the first one to ever follow up with quality, thoughtful listings. The next morning, I had an email with 15 listings that all matched our preferences, an hour later we had appointments at the 5 best ones for that weekend. As Tal drove us around and showed us these 5 locations, he got an incredibly good handle on what exactly we were looking for, gave us priceless advice on the tricks of the trade, and followed up quickly with the one we liked (we unfortunately missed out on the one we really wanted because someone else had submitted the application the day earlier). Even with the bad break, Tal kept his eye out for properties for the next week, keeping our conversations and preferences in mind. And as luck would have it, he sent an email on a Thursday afternoon with a brand new listing that was everything we had been looking for. He acted quickly and we were able to be one of the first people to view the place. We jumped on it on the spot. Knowing we didn't want to risk it, Tal drove us to our apartment so that we could write out our application and get the checks in order to secure our spot, and then drove to the realtor's office that night and dropped everything off (all this even though he had some prior plans that evening that we were potentially making him late for). He then followed up frequently to let us know our status and letting us know where we stood. Throughout the whole process, Tal was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond (email, phone & text). We're not in the market to buy a house quite yet, but we certainly know that when that time comes, we'll be using Tal and recommending him to any friends. Thanks!John V.

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