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Customer Review - Susie Kanter
My husband and I worked with Susie recently to purchase our first home, based on a recommendation from friends who'd had a great experience with her. We feel so lucky to have found her, and couldn't have asked for a better guide during such an important process. Susie was a true advocate for us, a trusted advisor, and always had our best interest in mind. We'd highly recommend her to all buyers - whether first timers like us or experienced buyers looking for an seasoned realtor. One of the fundamental qualities of a realtor for first-time buyers is patience, and Susie seriously delivered for us in this area. From the very start, she graciously spent time talking us through the process and thoughtfully preparing us for what we'd encounter along the way. Her deep knowledge of the market and our mindset as buyers was apparent as she managed our expectations in a way we later realized was incredibly strategic. We believe this preparation gave us an edge in the end and ultimately made us feel most comfortable every step of the way. She was available to us nearly 24 hours a day, never making us feel badly for taking her time to view properties she probably knew we wouldn't end up liking. In fact, looking back, we realize now that Susie knew exactly what we were looking for much before we did. But she let us get there on our own, because she knew the path to our decision was just as important. Susie's experience impressed us as well, apparent as she expertly guided us through the process. We felt confident in her ability to read between the lines, make thoughtful judgement calls, and provide invaluable perspective in the moment we needed it most. We constantly turned to each other to say how happy we were that we were in such good hands! She has an extremely well-balanced approach - kind and respectful, yet clear and direct - in everything from her advice to her buyer(s), her communication with other parties, and her negotiations while making a deal. And finally, Susie is incredibly compassionate. We could tell she really cared about us, our journey, and where we'd end up. She was 100% in it with us, and we felt that from the very start and still today after we've been settled into our new place for months. We had such a great time working with her along the way. We spent plenty of time together, and always enjoyed ourselves; and that really matters in the buying process! To us, Susie is one of those gems that we've been lucky to work with and lucky to know. Kelly S.

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