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Customer Review - Patrick Carney
I thoroughly enjoyed Patrick Carney being my real estate agent. His passion for helping me find the property of my dreams was unbelievable. Patrick Carney is the person for you if this is your first purchase or if you are a real estate investor professional. I have a unique situation because I once was a real estate investor before but after my partner relationship went debunked. I found myself starting all over a decade later at ground zero. In the past, I have worked with other real estate agents but I can say he supersede all of them. His passion for you to find the property that specifically meets your needs in relationship: to location, cost, and other important things you feel are important are unparalleled. His patience guidance with working not only with you but all parties involved including but not limited to: seller's real estate agent, sellers attorney, your attorney, and or all parties involved to get the situation resolved and the deal closed. Patrick Carney attention to detail in relationship to things you may not see that maybe an issue in the future. He is always available by phone, email, and or text. If and when he goes on vacation which is rarely he is working with you and right there to meet any need you have. Most real estate agents after the sale is completed you cant reach them because they only saw you as a commission check - not Patrick. He congratulated me after my closing and then a week later he called me to say congratulation for having my property for a week. In conclusion, when I purchase or sale my next property Patrick will be my agent. Whenever, I know or meet someone who is looking for a real estate agent Patrick is number one in my book. As I write this letter tomorrow will be my one month anniversary of the purchase of a property Patrick help me get. To be honest with you, if he was not my agent I would not have had gotten this property because it was not on the market yet. Since Patrick has excellent relationship building skills he was able to network with other real estate agents and find a property that exceeded my expectations that was not even on the market yet.

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