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Customer Review - Nicole Verlotta
Nicole was AWESOME at helping me find the home of my dreams...and I'm pretty picky with very specific needs. Since I work from home sometimes, and produce music and videos, I needed enough space to create sets and recording rooms if needed, on the fly. So space was a huge issue, considering my very, very limited budget. Since I'm also into architecture and design, I needed to find a beautiful space that could showcase some of my art pieces. Since most of my clients are in the suburbs, I also needed a place to park my car. And, since I have cats, I needed an outdoor space they could enjoy. Space, affordability, aesthetics, parking and a backyard - are you serious!? Not to mention my crazy schedule.... despite my picky needs AND lack of availability, NICOLE MADE IT HAPPEN. She was always there to provide advice...LITERALLY, at any time of day. She knew how much I wanted to customize my space on a budget, so she always had great recommendations of people I could work with. She made the process go smoothly, so much so, that my lender even said that this was the first time she had worked with someone who clearly was on-top-of-things, and who had my best interests in mind. Even after I bought the house, Nicole has stayed in touch to make sure I'm happy with my purchase. She is fun, knowledgeable, hardworking, and nice. Keep in mind I had a seriously low budget, and she still treated me like a VIP - not only do I recommend her, I think anyone who has interacted with her would too. All my friends and even my loan officer witnessed first had how great she is at her job, and only had positive things to say. She has an extensive network of support, and clearly has a passion for her work. There is no other agent like her out there - She is one of a kind and I'm lucky to have worked with her.

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