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Dan Sanchez | Customer Review

Customer Review - Nicole Hajdu
I consider selling your house one of the most important life decisions people make. A lot of factors play into a successful sale; market, neighborhood and agent just to name a few. No one wants to walk away from a sale with a sour taste of having had an agent that poorly represented you, didn't get the best price or just rushed through things to close the deal. We interviewed several real-estate agents before having met Nicole. She was flexible, professional, attentive to detail and willing to advise\consult with us and actually made the sale process enjoyable. She even provided us with references for contractors to remediate small inspection findings. I felt like she made the process smoother and less hectic than it could have been. We even reused her contractor to remodel our master bath and bedroom in our new house, a fabulous recommendation. Nicole was a star real-estate agent and a person I would recommend without hesitation. Dan Sanchez

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