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Matt, Jennifer, Roman, Sawyer, and Norma | Customer Review

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Nate Buttrey was more than just a real estate agent during our house finding process. He became part of our family. We spent the better part of a year searching for a home and Nate was always patient and encouraging with us. We were pretty stressed out at how long it took and how we would always find things about a house we didn't like. But Nate always encouraged us saying, "The right one is out there and this just isn't it!" He was constantly positive and that type of posture was needed. I would also like to say that through the year we got the opportunity to meet a lot of other agents. I was floored at how many out there seemed to not really care about their jobs! They were often late and often had an attitude of complacency, which I really couldn't understand given that their job was to "sell" a house! Nate is the complete opposite of this. The dude is a serious go-getter. After working with him, you can see that his drive isn't from money, it's from seeing his clients in a home. That's truly unique in this world and as a husband and father of two, I could rest in his intentions. (The bottle of Vueve at closing was also a big plus ) We love you Nate and we love our new home! Matt, Jennifer, Roman, Sawyer, and Norma

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