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G. Houhanisin | Customer Review

Customer Review -
Michelle is an absolute gem. She is my first call when we are planning a move. I've worked with Michelle twice now while looking for a home. Michelle stands out because working with her I feel like I've finally found someone who cared about my search and would look out for my interests during the process. For example, touring a home, unlike many other agents, she was actively engaged, asking good questions about issues that I hadn't thought of or that I had forgotten to ask. Michelle also took the time before we even began looking at homes to discuss our goals and priorities so she understood what was important to us. Michelle also is a great negotiator. In a particularly difficult negotiation, Michelle was calm, collected and professional even after I had become frustrated with the other side (and I negotiate contracts for a living). I was very impressed! At the same time, I also appreciated her counsel on different options, not to mention her incredible responsiveness. The deal ultimately didn't get done but I felt like Michelle had done everything that she could to try to make it work, though in the end we eventually choose another home that Michelle had showed us. We were and are incredibly appreciative of Michelle for all of her efforts and that working with her was such a pleasure, even if the circumstances weren't always easy. Suffice to say, Michelle has earned my trust and as long as she has time I don't plan on working with anyone else. G. Houhanisin

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