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Customer Review - Merav Argov
When buying a house for the first time, one always worries about finding the right home, the nightmare scenarios of first time closings, etc... After we hired Merav through a personal recommendation, I almost felt bad at the amount of homes she was showing us. My wife and I felt that our caviar taste made it impossible to find a new house within our budget. No matter how much work she did for us, she always stayed positive and assured us that we would find our dream home. Well, thanks to her, we finally found that dream house which had the perfect look, finishes, and location (all within our budget). This wasn't an easy closing given the fact that there was another offer, so we had to close quickly. To make matters worse, I didn't have a lawyer or a mortgage broker. She basically introduced us to an incredible mortgage broker who came up with an inventive loan to reduce our jumbo rates, and an incredible lawyer that got the closing done very quickly. From the time we made the offer to the time we closed on the house, it was less than 30 days, which is amazing given that we didn't have any of the pieces for a closing ahead of time. Every morning, my wife and I pinch ourselves to make sure that we aren't dreaming. When Merav came to visit us for the first time, you can tell that she was genuinely thrilled for us, and it didn't feel like we were just business clients. I would recommend Merav to anyone looking for a home, especially first time homebuyers." Doron Friedman, Evanston

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