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Customer Review -
Maggie Blondis is a wonderful realtor. She is sweet, kind, smart  and like a dog with a bone, she will not stop until her client (in this case, me) finds what he or she wants/needs/must have. I know I drove her crazy looking at one place after another and another and another. I think we saw about a kabillion properties in one week, but she never once complained, rolled her eyes or suggested I cool my jets and settle for something less than what felt like home. And then she found me the one that I knew was right the moment I walked in. (I knew cuz I could hear angels singing from on high.) My situation was complicated, as I was relocating from Los Angeles to Chicago in the winter! Simple, right? Nope. But Maggie held my figurative hand through the entire long distance process and coordinated the closing on the exact date I needed. It was almost like shed done this before (like a thousand times before). The end result is I have no regrets and a really nice place to call Sweet Home Chicago. Maggie Blondis is a total pro and I cannot recommend her highly enough. So there.

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