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Customer Review - Lauren Bergiel
Background: I bought a condo in Streeterville as an investment and decided to sell in the summer of 2014. I previously had poor experiences with other agents in the buying process so I was particularly focused on finding an intelligent, proactive, and experienced agent that would give my listing the time/focus that was needed. I interviewed agents from multiple local real estate firms and no one seemed to be the right fit. All the agents either seemed too complacent, not familiar enough with the local market, or would not be able to put enough time/focus on my listing. ?? Connecting with Lauren: a good friend of mine had used Lauren as her buying agent (on her first condo) and had nothing but compliments about Lauren, so I decided to reach out to Lauren myself. Note - I was actually 95% about to give my listing to an agent at another firm but decided to give Lauren a shot after hearing my friends glowing review. I believe I met with Lauren twice before giving her the listing. In all the interview meetings, Lauren came well prepared, and I felt that I had her full attention/focus. The main reason I decided to give the listing to Lauren was because of her gusto, if you will, and her ability to be really personable and upfront. These were attributes that I felt all other agents lacked and were especially important criteria for me as I needed someone with drive/passion for the job along with someone that wouldnt give me any BS. ?? Execution: once Lauren received the listing, she continued to deliver on her promises with full vigor. As my day job is usually 10-12 hours long, I had no time to really focus on the selling process so I asked Lauren to literally take the lead on everything. She helped me contact a staging company and took care of meeting with the stager and installing the staging furniture. Afterwards, she prepared some very thoughtful and attractive marketing materials. This included very professional photos, video, and even a 360-degree panorama from various rooms. She also held multiple open houses. Throughout the entire process, Lauren kept me updated and I was able to comment wherever I was needed.?? End Result: we received a great offer within a week and I accepted after a few rounds of negotiation (with great advice from Lauren). Afterwards, she connected me with a law firm who took care of all the legal work. Lauren kept me up to date throughout the contract timeframe all the way up to closing day. As I reflect back on the selling process in writing this review, I can absolutely say this was a great selling experience for me and a majority of it is due to Laurens awesome performance. TL;DR - if you didnt bother to read the review above, just take one thing away and that is Lauren has the drive, focus, integrity, and experience to sell your home!

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