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Customer Review - Lauren Bergiel
In a world seemingly all too consumed with "turning the next deal," what a breath of fresh air to find a true professional who genuinely takes the time to understand what makes you tick and how best to find the right fit for you. Lauren is a professional in the full sense of the word. She works tirelessly, literally 24/7, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, whatever it takes to ensure that you have a soft landing as you transition from one home to your next residence. Whether it is unpacking your questions or translating the confusing lingo of real estate contracts into the simple and elegant or connecting you to her network of proven professional tradesman, attorneys, bankers, etc., she takes full ownership of the real estate process. While her work ethic is unlike any other real estate professional I have personally worked with, it is really her integrity and judgement under the stress of the negotiation that showed how she sets herself apart from the rank and file agents out there. She gained the most respect from me when she gave me advice on how to proceed in the final steps of the negotiation even at the expense of losing the deal because it was the RIGHT thing to do. She placed my interest ahead of anything else and as such won herself an advocate and loyal client for this purchase and the ones to follow. While you may have a real estate agent you have worked with in the past or have been given a name as a casual referral by a friend, you may be well served to at least do an introductory discovery call with Lauren to see for yourself the tangible difference she can make for you in the real estate process. I suspect you will come away with the same impression that I had... a well served client with peace of mind that I was in the hands of a real pro who had my back ... thank you Lauren.

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