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I met Kimberly Adams while attending college and lost touch with her after graduating. This past June, while walking to my car, I glanced at this advertisement on the side of a bus. IT WAS KIMBERLY! I was so excited to see her picture and felt so proud of her. I was not surprised to see that she was still working in realty, it truly is one of her passions. I immediately saved her number in my phone and could not wait to contact her. When we did speak later on that night, it was as if no time had passed. After catching up on old times and our current lives, I mentioned to Kimberly the possibly of looking for a home. My family has outgrown our current apartment and I did not want to continue renting, I wanted my own home. I explained to Kimberly what I was looking for, met with her at Dreamtown Realty and she assured me that I would get whichever home I desired. I honestly did not know what to expect, but Kimberly kept her word. From working with the loan officer and her staff; the housing inspector; real estate attorney and especially Kimberly, everyone involved with my home purchase experience was very knowledgeable; professional; polite; helpful, efficient and definitely stayed on the ball. Kimberly sent my over one hundred home listings, this is my second home purchase and I was being very specific. We went looking at homes on June 24. One of the last homes that were on the list, was a home that I passed over from my listings. When Kimberly said she was going to show me that home, I was not all that interested and did not want to get out of the car. Once in the home, I could not contain my excitement! Kimberly found a home that I fell in love with the minute I walked into it. We both were jumping and yelling with excitement! Before we left the house, I pleaded with Kimberly to please not show my home to anyone else. As a result of Kimberly's commitment and dedication, I will be closing on that home and will be all moved in by Saturday, September 14! Kimberly definitely delivered on her word, she found me a home I would love and did get the home that I desired. It was truly a pleasurable experience, this time around purchasing my second home, and I owe that gratitude to Kimberly Adams. Tamala Doby

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