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Dominic Irpino | Customer Review

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I have been involved in Real Estate the better part of my time thus far on this Earth as I grew up in the business and my Family is still active in the buying and selling of properties. More than a year ago we were placed in a difficult situation with several of our properties and needed to enlist the help of an a good listing Agent to assist in the Sale of them. We met Cathy Scratch through the referral from another Property Owner...and since then I have thanked them many times over for doing so. She is truly a great Real Estate Agent and cares about her clients and their interests first and it is very evident when dealing with her. Cathy has a great presence, demeanor, and overall outlook on life. In working with her she has made several trips out to my House for paperwork and to answer questions and my Family Loves her! My Mother keeps asking about her as a matter of fact. It is difficult to find Good Real Estate Agents out there in today's market but I do not need to worry about that as I now have Cathy Scratch in my Life to help and I am thankful for it! She is Honest and Great at what she does! I highly recommend you see for yourself! Dominic Irpino, Garfield Park

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