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Customer Review - Brendan Murphy
This review is especially important to me because I recommend Brendan Murphy based on a recent experience that lasted months and, ultimately, resulted in me walking away from a home purchase. Brendan, with a placid and gentle personality, could fool you on first impressions. The road we traveled together was riddled with obstacles, but his often-soft touch taken with my fiancé and I left him ample energy for a voracious approach to negotiations. New to Chicago, and without many RE connections, I put inquiries into a few websites. Brendan Murphy was the first phone call I received almost immediately, and I was surprised that, on the heels of such a rapid response, I was met with a low-pressure introductory discussion. He made himself available for phone/texts/emails day and night, spent as much time teaching me about the market/home buying as he did working on our behalf, and he exhibited aggression coupled with intelligence and tact when communicating with selling agents. In a situation that could have gone heads or tails when discussing the final sharp edges of a possible purchase, Brendan made ZERO decisions based on personal gain, and advocated for us 100%, not even on principle, but as a reflex. For that reason alone: I'll give him a call any time I get asked about an agent recommendation. If you choose to do business with Brendan, you'll simply find yourself doing business with a tranquil but diligent communicator who follows a simple business model. He helps other people get what they want. Two thumbs up.

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