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Rich W. | Customer Review

Customer Review -
When the time came to sell my condo, I set out to interview potential realtors. Within minutes of meeting Holly and Michael, it was clear that they were my first choice. Both are wryly funny and warm⬦professional without even a hint of "slick". I felt instantly comfortable and thoroughly convinced I was in good hands. By pure coincidence, my next door neighbor decided to sell at exactly the same time that I did. This gave me the ability to compare the work that my realtor was doing with the work of theirs. Holly and Michael smoked them at every turn. Starting with the marketing materials. The photos of my condo looked like they came straight from the pages of Elle Decor...while my neighbor's looked like the interior of a creepy transient hotel. The showings started almost immediately. Holly gave me priceless advice on preparation, timely advance on each showing, and either she or Michael was present for every single one. These are not just "key lock box" on the front door kind of realtors. The place was under contract with less than 10 days on the market. Then the unthinkable happened: the buyer's financing fell through two weeks before we were scheduled to close⬦the result of complete mishandling by their realtor and lender. I was heartbroken⬦and TERRIFIED because I had already purchased another property. Holly and Michael were unflappable. They gave me good counsel, sober reassurance, and displayed complete determination⬦we were back on the market in a matter of hours. To make an (already) long story short, they sold my condo (for the second time) to the very next person that looked at it⬦FOR MORE MONEY!!!! WHAAAAAAT????? Crazier still, my condo sold for $20k more than the condo next door!! If you feel compelled to interview a bunch of real estate professionals before choosing the one that's best, then by all means do that. But you could also save yourself a lot of time and trouble and simply enlist the help of Holly and Michael. Pretty darned positive you would never regret that decision.Rich W., Rogers Park

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