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David and Maaike Almeida | Customer Review

Customer Review - Barbara O'Connor
David is not a gusher, and I am, sometimes to a fault. But I think a little gushing is appropriate here. Colin told me when we first signed the listing on Racine, that short sales can be long and messy but that he and Barbara don't quit. Both of those predictions were accurate here. I still have no idea how your team managed to sell Racine and find such a solid buyer for Halsted, and keep everyone on board through the nonsense and delays for an actual closing. You enabled us to largely walk away and go on with our lives for the past year while we trusted you to take care of all the details, and you delivered. I can't express the level of relief we had, ringing in 2013 as single-property owners, and knowing that our home is now quiet and safe and happy, with room for our little family to grow up. Thank you thank you thank you for guiding us through this so expertly. Really, no other gift was necessary at all. David and Maaike Almeida, Lakeview

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