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Joanna Reddick | Customer Review

Customer Review -
Wendy was instrumental in quickly finding me a great home in a great location at a reasonable price, and for that I will always be grateful. The result, while beyond satisfactory, is one major reason why I recommend her as a real estate agent. However I was more impressed with her knowledge of the market, her tenacity, and her listening skills. She knew the types of places that would appeal most to me, and even when I would ask her to view a place I would see online, she knew when it wouldn't be a match for my tastes or needs. Being a new Chicago homebuyer (but not a new homebuyer), she gave me a great recommendation for a home inspector and provided feedback on companies I considered for my mortgage. This gave me comfort during an otherwise stressful process. I appreciated that she handled my business (and my stress) with care, and now I'm a very happy Chicago homeowner. Thank you Wendy!

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