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Customer Review - Riz Gilani
To refer to Riz as my realtor is just not enough. Riz is an expert, a professional, and above all a trusted friend. In 2012, I moved to Chicago knowing nothing about the real estate market or even quite where I wanted to live. Nor did I know Riz, he contacted me after I submitted an inquiry through the Dreamtown website. Riz showed me many options in different neighborhoods. I knew from the very beginning that he would be a phenomenal realtor, when he went above and beyond the neighborhoods I suggested we look, and took me to see some properties in West Loop. At the time, that neighborhood wasn't even on my radar, but I quickly fell in love with a place there and he put together an offer! Day or night, somehow Riz was always available to answer my questions or patiently explain next steps in the process. Fast forward four years later, when I was ready to sell my condo and move to a larger space, Riz was ready at my first call. I needed to fix up some things in the condo I was selling, and working full time on weekdays I was dreading dealing with contractors, painters, and construction. Always rising to take care of his clients first, Riz literally handled the entire operation. He found contractors who he knew we could trust and had good relationships with, he arranged to meet them at the condo, be there to oversee major decisions, and even went to pick up the tile for the bathroom floor himself! This is why I said at the beginning: Riz is much, much more than a realtor, he is a partner in your home purchase or sale. Look no further, you will not find a more capable and devoted partner than Riz.

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