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Hiram De Hoyos Jr | Customer Review

Customer Review - Lori Giannini-Amelio
Lori was so great. What I loved about her so much was her attitude and that she was so honest when we saw each property. If it was something that was not in our best interest, she let it be known and she really helped us pick the right residence within out budget. She was so friendly and caring. She shined throughout our whole house hunting and never showed any type of attitude like it was taking too long to find a house. She is someone you definitely need in your corner when you're going to purchase a house. She will not lead you astray or try to force a property on you just to get that sale. I would like to share one example with everyone, We walked into a house and it smelled really bad of Clorox like someone was trying to hide something and Lori gave her honest opinion and said, " Let's get out of here someone is trying to hide something it seems." That is the type of honesty she carries with her. Loved working with Lori till the last house we visited. She is so great and I promise anyone they will not regret it. Thanks Lori for everything you did for us you truly are a great person.

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