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Daniel Chappell | Customer Review

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I contacted Chandra after moving to Chicago in 2011 because I wanted to buy a condo in the city but obviously didn't end up doing so until now. She gave me some good information and would check in every 6 months via email but it wasn't spammy. I did use the Dream Town website and set up an email to send me daily emails about new properties that matched my search parameters. The website is one of the reasons I went with Dream Town. Chandra was great. I am a first time homeowner and she answered all my questions, kept in touch via email and has someone in EVERY ASPECT of the business of buying homes. She referred me to my real estate lawyer who was amazing and when I had my own people she didn't make me feel bad about using someone else either. All in ALL I had a great homebuying experience which I can imagine for other people is stressful and scary and I know mine was so easy breezy because I had Chandra looking out for my best interests.

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